The CranioSacral-Therapy is a link between conventional medicine and alternative medicine. The rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid circulating in the skull and spine serves as an indicator. By feeling this rhythmic autonomous movement, blockages in the body can be detected and released. Autonomous in this context means that as a patient/client you do not have to think about or control it, because just like breathing and pulse beat, the craniosacral rhythm is one of the basal body functions.


The CranioSacrale system is thus decoupled from the movement of the respiration and the cardiovascular system, an autonomous movement, best felt on the skull, but with well-developed palpatory abilities perceptible throughout the body. The body makes an opening and closing movement, comparable to external rotation and internal rotation. Blockades and pathological conditions in the body lead to changes in the normal pulsation (6-12 times per minute). The manual contact of the therapist gives the body time and peace to develop the natural rhythm and to activate self-healing.